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Why has the IE user moved to Chrome?

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Browsers logos

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It introduces it because there was an interesting article on Chrome.

*The track of Chrome has been begun since yesterday.

Google Analytics Now Tracks Chrome. Our Share: 6.23%(September 4, 2008 TechCrunch)

Clicky continues to track Chrome usage in the 2-3% range across its 45,000 sites. Use of Chrome among TechCrunch readers is much higher: 6.23% since Tuesday, making it the fourth most popular browser among TechCrunch readers after Firefox, IE and Safari.

Nearly all the market share was taken from IE. Firefox actually gained almost 2% share in the last two days, and Safari was up more than 1%. IE, though, dropped from 30.77% to 23.92%.

The fact that a large percentage of readers are using Chrome doesn’t surprise me, given how many early adopter types read this blog. But i expected these users to be bailing on Firefox, not IE. If they hadn’t switched away from IE after four years of Firefox being around, it seems odd that they would jump ship now.

There are a lot of people of the reader who is reading TechCrunch who have the interest in the technology.
Therefore, there might be a lot of people of using Chrome.

However, it is a surprise because the person who has moved to Chrome this time has moved from IE.

It has actually moved from IE to Chrome though it is thought that the almost everyone thought moving from Firefox in the expectation.

Why did the IE user switch from IE to Chrome?

It is really mysterious.


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September 5, 2008 at 12:00 pm

Amazon’ S3 go down for eight hours

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Jeff Bezos

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Bezos Says He Wants S3 Uptime to Be Nothing Less Than Perfection. (Yeah, Work On That). (July 21, 2008 TechCrunch)

When cloud-computing services like Amazon’s S3 go down, as it did again this weekend, it raises the question of whether they are ready for prime time. If these services keep going down, can startups rely on them enough to build their businesses on top of them?

Incidently, the system down of Amazon ‘s S3(Simple Storage Service) seems to have been a cause though the image of wordpress.com did not reflect either.

It is a problem for a moment that this kind of service becomes a service stop for as many as eight hours.

If possible, there should be in this kind of service the backup system by you.

There is a possibility to take the place of other services if the system down continues to Amazon ‘s S3 like this.

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July 22, 2008 at 7:31 am

Potential of multilingual SEO

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Potential of multilingual SEO

The site for foreign countries will increase on the Web site (especially, shopping site) in the future.

Because if the Web site in Japan doesn’t make the site for the world market, it is no longer widening, then the market will be saturated before long.

The enterprise and the site that makes for the world market are sure to come out in the future.

Then, the Web site will need to be multilingual translated and do best seo.

But,it is necessary not cover all the languages even if it is said “multilingual”.

First of all, it does in order with a lot of internet users.

It is necessary to do the site making matched to  English, Chinese, Korean, Russiana, and European language etc.

The enterprise that serves multilingual SEO in Japan is “Cyber agent”, and “Aung consulting”, etc. now.

Multilingual SEO service and multilingual translation service will be paid attention in the future.

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July 19, 2008 at 1:34 am

Kindle 2.0 Coming Around October 2008

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Kindle 2.0 Coming Around October 2008 (July 15, 2008 TechCrunch)

An insider let slip that two new Amazon Kindle models will hit stores this holiday season, with the first coming as early as October.

New Amazon Kindle models seems to go out.

Amazon Kindle has only had to aim at the number 1 with the electronic book terminal up to now.

However, it will become a portable terminal competition with iPhone 3G in the future.

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July 17, 2008 at 10:22 am

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Nintendo seems to plan to put game “Wii Music” on the market.

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Wii Music Logo

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Nintendo seems to plan to put game “Wii Music” that plays a musical instrument by using the Wii remote control on the market.

It will become new software that positively uses the Wii remote control like “Wii Sports” to which it can do sports by the Wii remote control.

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July 16, 2008 at 10:52 am

Segway is in the spotlight in Japan.

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DSC00565 – burning man 2007 – Kid on Segway
Segway is in the spotlight recently in Japan.
The Segway is used in the golf course and Theme Park.
I hear that the Segway will be used by guarding the airport, the police, and the retail store in foreign countries.

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However, why is the Segway popular in the golf course?
Because the Segway can run not to damage turf in the golf course.
It was necessary to pass the cart course the current having gotten in a cart.
However, if it is a Segway, it can approach the golf ball by the beeline.

The Segway might become more popular being backed up to the crude oil sudden rise and ecology.
However, it is not possible to run in Japan in the public thoroughfare by the restriction of the Road Traffic Law.
How if it tries to ride the Segway in the golf course and Theme Park?

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July 14, 2008 at 11:09 am

Finally released its new iPhone worldwide influx of orders

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Finally released its new iPhone worldwide influx of orders (2008/7/10, Reuters)


British carrier’s reservation site has 13,000 items per second are flooded with orders, are Hong Kong Book of accepting 500 million order for six year.

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IPhone is looking to the world.

This product has ever been?

Recently, the world is so much attention to the products have not seen anything.

Expectations are increasing.

By the way, the article said, investors in Japan, paying particular attention to the needs seem to be.

It is Japan’s mobile phone, and e-payments through one-segment (cell phone with your wallet) to prepare for the spread of mobile phones and other mobile devices for the consumer because of the high interest in it.

In Japan, the iPhone is acceptable for investors is whether that concern.

First, tomorrow 7 / 11 to buy iPhone it is noteworthy that the reaction.

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July 11, 2008 at 11:25 am

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