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Nakamura might return to Japan in January

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2007-08-25 Shunsuke Nakamura

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Nakamura might return to Japan in January

Celtic midfielder Shunsuke Nakamura talked that there was a possibility of returning to Japan in the transfer window of January.

It introduces his comment.

Nakamura said:

“A move in January might be possible. My agent will take care of everything with regards to that happening.

“If I was Scottish I’d love to play at Celtic forever but I’m not. I’m Japanese and have a family to consider.

“I need to think about the national team as well and I’m finding it hard travelling.

“I’d love to play at Celtic Park forever but when I take everything into consideration I might need to go back to Japan.

“My agent has already spoken to a few teams in Japan. Lawwell hasn’t said he doesn’t need me yet so I honestly don’t know what will happen.”

“I always wanted to experience Spain but I’m really enjoying Scotland. Plus Peter was never willing sell me!”

“In terms of individual displays, we’re good just now. But in terms of organisation as a team, we had Neil in the past and that was better.

“The team can improve and will improve. We must do well in our home games as we have struggled away.”

If he returns to the J League of Japan, it might be Yokohama F Marinos.

Yokohama F Marinos is a team that had belonged in Japan before he transfers the register foreign countries.

However, the order of Yokohama F Marinos is 15th place now, and the team has the possibility of demoting it to J2.

If the team demoted it, his transfering the register to Yokohama Marinos will become difficult.

In that case, other Japanese team are sure to offer acquisition.

Moreover, there is a possibility that this schedule is postponed when Celtic advances to the final tournament in the Champions League.

It is not possible to take one’s eyes off to his trend.


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