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Matsushita Changes the Name of the Company to Panasonic to Become a Global Company.

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Matsushita changed the name of the company to Panasonic to become a world company.

The brand name is important for aiming at the global company.

The brand named Sony and Samsung passes in not only Japan and Asia but also Worlds.

However, because the brand had divided into three brands named Panasonic, National and Matsushita, the brand value had been distributed up to now.

It is an aim to concentrate the brand value on the “Panasonic” brand by this company name change.

How does Panasonic in the future move aiming at the world?

And, how much effect does having adjusted the brand name to one several years later bring?

It is very interesting.


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September 27, 2008 at 8:26 am

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iPhone Hobbled by High Prices in Japan, Lack of 3G in India

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iPhone 3G – achterkant

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iPhone Hobbled by High Prices in Japan, Lack of 3G in India(September 17, 2008 WIRED)

Apple’s iPhone may be giving competitors a run for their money in North America but when it comes to three of the biggest telecom markets in Asia — Japan, India and China — the company seems to be coming up lame.
The latest sales figures suggest the Jesus phone is struggling to find new converts in Japan. Not far away in India (the second largest telecom market after China) sales of the device are also lackluster thanks to prices that are pushing seven Benjamins for the entry level 8-GB version. And Apple has yet to finalize a deal with Chinese telecom carrier, China Mobile, to bring the iPhone to the People’s Republic.

I think that there are two reasons why iPhone cannot increase sales.

  1. Too high pricing.
  2. The function that is attached to the mobile phone of Japan is not provided about iPhone.

I think that the cause that iPhone cannot increase sales is not to localize iPhone for several countries.

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September 23, 2008 at 11:01 am

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Google Buys Foothold In Korea With Acquisition Of Blog Platform TNC

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google aqcuired tnc

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Google Buys Foothold In Korea With Acquisition Of Blog Platform TNC(September 12, 2008 TechCrunch)

Google has acquired TNC (Tatter and Company), a Korean blog platform company that compares itself to Automattic , the team behind WordPress. Although Google already owns its own blogging platform, Blogger, it is not particularly popular in Korea. (According to comScore, Blogger had 1.7 million unique Korean visitors in July). The acquisition is clearly a geographic expansion move for Google, but its Textcube blogging platform also has some social networking features which Google might want to export to Blogger or other products.

Google seems not to have succeeded in Japan and South Korea compared with the Europe and America region.

It is because people in Japan and South Korea tend to like WEB portal more than the contents retrieval.

It might be important to enhance the WEB portal so that Google may succeed in Asia.

Does this purchase become the foothold?


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September 13, 2008 at 12:03 am

LPGA to mandate Asians and others speak English

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LPGA to mandate Koreans and others speak English (AFP)

The LPGA Tour is going to force its burgeoning South Korean contingent of players to learn to speak English or risk losing their playing privileges.

Starting next year, the Tour announced that players who have been on the tour for two years must pass a oral English test or face suspension.

LPGA announced an important thing.

It was “The use of English will be obligated to all players from next year. ”

If an English interview cannot be passed, entry qualifications will be lost for two years.

That is, if English cannot be spoken, participating becomes impossible in the LPGA tour.

This news is a topic also in Japan now.

There are too a lot of Asians, especially the player of South Korea in the LPGA tour now.

I hear that the activity of the player of the United States decreases, and the audience rating in the United States has fallen for that.

In the rumor, it is said that this was done to make the player in the United States participate.

It is regrettable if depriving of the right to play golf only by the reason that English cannot be spoken.

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August 28, 2008 at 9:58 am

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Golf-Fudoh leads by one after third round of the Women’s British Open

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The YesGifts British Open 2008

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The third day of “Women’s British Open”, last of this year’s major tournaments in women’s golf has been held at the Sunningdale GC(golf course) in England.

Yuri Fudoh of Japan shot a 3-under 69 to lead by one stroke after the third round of the Women’s British Open on Saturday.

Ai Miyazato of Japan is in third place, two shots back from Fudoh.

I want you to hold out the final day this conditioning.

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August 3, 2008 at 12:27 am

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