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Pet Airways: Forget Cargo, Your Pet Needs To Fly First Class

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Pet Airways: Forget Cargo, Your Pet Needs To Fly First Class

 (TechCrunch, March 25,2009)

Enter Pet Airways, a new startup launching next month that flies pets and only pets: “With Pet Airways your pet will be safe and comfortable, flying in the main cabin, not in cargo. From check-in at our Pet Lounge, and throughout the flight, our Pet Attendants will be caring and catering to all your pet’s needs. You can even monitor how your pet is doing.” Fees start at $150. Sadly, only your pet can fly, not you (they won’t even put you in the cargo area of the plane).

It puts it on the cargo compartment of the airplane now when going with the pet and traveling with the airplane.

However, there might be a lot of people who think, “How has the pet been treated in the cargo compartment?” and “Isn’t the pet uneasy?”, too.

I think that it is long-awaited service for such people.

Such service might appear also in Japan.

The person who thinks the pet to be a family are a lot, and thinks that there are a lot of people who do not regret the pet money either.

The chance to go on a trip with the pet might increase more if there is service that introduces not only service to which the pet is airlifted but also the hotel to which it can go with the pet.


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