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Twittermoms Shows Why Twitter Needs Groups

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Twittermoms Shows Why Twitter Needs Groups(September 19, 2008 TechCrunch)

This is why Twitter needs groups.  After only 15 days, mothers are signing up at an astounding rate to Twittermoms.com.  According to its founder, the site’s growth has been unexpectedly strong, and about 39 percent of its 5,000-or-so daily users are considered “addicts” based on Quantcast figures.

So what gives?

Twittermoms is not what you think. It isn’t a Twitter clone for mothers. Instead, it’s a site where moms who Twitter can come together and talk about being mothers. It is a perfect demographic for Twitter, filled with people who have lots of real opinions based on experience and like to share them. 

Twittermoms.com seems to be popular.

This site seems to be a site in which mother who uses not Twitter for mother but Twitter mutually gathers, and it talks about the living.

Twitter seems to have to establish the group site and the community gripping such needs.


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October 13, 2008 at 11:42 am

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