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Why does Google start using the traditional brand advertising?

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the google brand

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Report: Google losing aversion to advertising itself(October 3, 2008 CNET) 

It looks like the word-of-mouth promotional ethos that has prevailed at Google for its first 10 years will be getting some new company: Google advertisements.

Why should Google do the branding strategy?

I don’t understand well.

Up to now, Google is corporate that grows up on the assumption that paid search and online ads is more effective than the traditional form of advertisement.

Why Does the Google rely on the advertisement of the branding strategy and the traditional form of advertisement?

It is an act of depreciating the search synchronization advertisement of Google.

Google should turn back to where the roads forked.

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Does Google Need To Spend More On Traditional Brand Advertising? (October 3, 2008 TechCrunch) 


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