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Japan should act as a leader only now.

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my EARTH is bleeding

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The evaluation of Japan is rising now.

The financial panic influences America and European countries, and stock prices dive.

There is no influence on finance like America and European countries though the United States sliding stock price is received, and stock prices of Japan have fallen, too.

Only yen of Japan rises though the value of the currency of Europe and America such as the United States dollar and the Euro of Europe has fallen.

It is because of thinking that the economy of Japan is steady.

The bank in Japan has not received this influence so much because it had not done the investment with the risk too much though the bank in each country of Europe and America received the influence by the subprime loan.

Japan should act as a leader only at such time.

It is necessary to hold G7 promptly, and to talk how to recover finance in the world.

The problem like the safety of food and the falsification of the pension, etc. is accumulations to Japan.

However, the world will really rush into the panic the way things are going.

Japan should do politics with wider view.

Japan should act for the world with leadership only now.


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October 7, 2008 at 10:08 am

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