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Will T-Mobile G1 be a Paradigm Shift?

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T-Mobile G1 Wallpapers

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The G1: Almost perfect(September 23, 2008、CrunchGear)

The G1 event has come and gone and it looks like we’re seeing an epic paradigm shift in the mobile space. iPhone started the ball rolling and Android is about the finish the job. The change? Phones are now officially computers and the expectation for most users is that they behave in the same way a powerful laptop or desktop PC would perform, albeit in a considerably more compact package.

Will T-Mobile G1 be a paradigm shift?

This might be a paradigm shift of mobile phone.

It is a stage that has moved to the age of the mobile phone as the Internet machine from the age of a past mobile phone.

It was thought that the competition by iPhone and Android was done ahead a little by the mobile phone of Android being launched on the market.

However, I noticed it was not so.

It is not “iPhone vs. Android”.

It is ” Smart phone vs. Past mobile phone”.

And, the developer will be greatly influenced by this paradigm shift.

The contents developer obtained the environment and the platform that was able to be developed more freely by iPhone App Store and Android App Market.

It is not possible to make an excuse the reason that it is not possible to do because the capital is also a little.

It is because it came to be able to obtain the success as long as it is at the talent and time even if it is the little capital.

A new age has come there soon.

To do or not to do; that is the problem.


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September 25, 2008 at 11:28 am

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