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iPhone Hobbled by High Prices in Japan, Lack of 3G in India

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iPhone 3G – achterkant

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iPhone Hobbled by High Prices in Japan, Lack of 3G in India(September 17, 2008 WIRED)

Apple’s iPhone may be giving competitors a run for their money in North America but when it comes to three of the biggest telecom markets in Asia — Japan, India and China — the company seems to be coming up lame.
The latest sales figures suggest the Jesus phone is struggling to find new converts in Japan. Not far away in India (the second largest telecom market after China) sales of the device are also lackluster thanks to prices that are pushing seven Benjamins for the entry level 8-GB version. And Apple has yet to finalize a deal with Chinese telecom carrier, China Mobile, to bring the iPhone to the People’s Republic.

I think that there are two reasons why iPhone cannot increase sales.

  1. Too high pricing.
  2. The function that is attached to the mobile phone of Japan is not provided about iPhone.

I think that the cause that iPhone cannot increase sales is not to localize iPhone for several countries.


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