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WatchMEmelt, A Video-Centric Weightloss Community

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TC50(DemoPit): watchMEmelt, A Video-Centric Weightloss Community(September 11, 2008 TechCrunch)

In the last few years, many of these determined individuals have turned to YouTube to share their weightloss journeys with their peers, who often respond with heartfelt and supportive comments. But YouTube doesn’t offer a dedicated community for the weightloss crowd, so its functionality is limited.

WatchMEmelt , a TC50 DemoPit company that launches tomorrow, is looking to fill this niche with a community site dedicated to helping users chronicle their weight-loss efforts. Users are encouraged to post video updates on their current progress, exercise regimens they’ve developed, and lighthearted clips to boost morale. The site includes standard community features like forums and groups, where members can share their difficulties with other users who may be in a similar situation (for example, there’s a group for gastric bypass patients).

I didn’t know that the people who were dieting (loss in weight) exchange information, advice, encourage each other on YouTube.

However, there is a limit because it is not offering YouTube a special community.

Then, it seems to have thought about this community site.

It is important what kind of community they make to make this site succeed.

If a malignant comment increases, the people will not gather in the site.

Oppositely, if good community that encourages each other is made, the site will be activated, too.

YouTube (Google) might surely purchase it if this community site succeeds in the future.


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September 20, 2008 at 11:45 am

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