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Will WebMD Lose Its Stranglehold Over Health Information?

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Will WebMD Lose Its Stranglehold Over Health Information? (September 10, 2008 TechCrunch)

If Revolution Health and Everyday Health merge, best estimates suggest the combined firm would surpass WebMD’s monthly visitors mark and supplant the well-known company as the leader in health information.
At the very least, the fact that its two main competitors are even talking should put WebMD on notice. In the past year alone, the online health information sector grew by 21 percent — more than four times as fast as the rest of the Web. Realizing that, there are more money-making opportunities than ever before for these companies and WebMD needs to ensure that it’s in a prime position to capitalize on that growth.
But how can it do that? Assuming Revolution Health and Everyday Health merge, WebMD doesn’t have too many options available if it wants to acquire another service and increase its presence online. The only other relevant sites in the space are AOL Health, About.com Health, and Yahoo Health, and there’s little doubt that WebMD wouldn’t be able to acquire any of those. It looks like it will need to “go it alone” if it wants to stay number one.

How should WebMD does to maintain the top excluding the method of purchasing the other companies?

It should not persist in the maintenance of the top.

It is necessary to make the healthy information site seen from a new viewpoint.

It is necessary to establish a new project team for that.

In addition, if the project team grows, the site will grow.

Because the health information seen from a new angle is obtained even if failing, the site is sure to be enhanced.


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September 16, 2008 at 11:02 am

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