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The Future of Mobile Business in Japan

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Specs and mobile on phone directory

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IPhone is the topic in Mobile business now.

There is a topicality in iPhone, and sales in all parts of the world seem to be also good.

There are a lot of the topics of the problem at the weakness of the battery and the speed of the 3G network etc recently.

However, sales of iPhone are said six million, and can be said that it is still few compared with a number mobile of the world.

Nokia is a number 1 when seeing in a worldwide mobile market.

A portable career manufacturer in Japan cannot compete.

I think that a mobile career and manufacturer in Japan cannot compete but do not try to compete.
I think that it does a good match if it thinks a portable career of Japan makes carrying in the platform of the world standard with a portable manufacturer and the portable contents manufacturer.

Mobile careers and manufacturers in Japan does good match Nokia if they makes mobile in the platform of the world standard with mobile manufacturers and the mobile contents manufacturers.

It is difficult to expect it because all are stories of assumption.

It seems that a level mobile of Japan is high if mobile of Japan are compared with mobile of the world.

Moreover, mobile contents are sure to have a lot of excellent things in Japan.

However, the mobile of Japan cannot fight against the world because it is not mobile of the world standard that can be used in the world when even the one is so wonderful.

So, a peculiar mobile culture might be made.

As if, only a portable culture of Japan is in the isolated island.

It might be near to close the country.

However, the application business of iPhone is open (However, though it is necessary to receive the inspection of Apple), and the mobile contents manufacturer in Japan also has come round the chance.

And, the mobile world is sure to be globalized further in the future by Android of Google.

Then, the chance comes to mobile contents of Japan more and more.

It might be mobile careers of Japan that becomes a problem.

It is necessary to discuss it like being able promptly to do mobile making of the world standard.
It wishes that the future of mobile business of Japan be bright.


Written by weblibraryjpn

September 14, 2008 at 11:50 am

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