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LPGA to mandate Asians and others speak English

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LPGA to mandate Koreans and others speak English (AFP)

The LPGA Tour is going to force its burgeoning South Korean contingent of players to learn to speak English or risk losing their playing privileges.

Starting next year, the Tour announced that players who have been on the tour for two years must pass a oral English test or face suspension.

LPGA announced an important thing.

It was “The use of English will be obligated to all players from next year. ”

If an English interview cannot be passed, entry qualifications will be lost for two years.

That is, if English cannot be spoken, participating becomes impossible in the LPGA tour.

This news is a topic also in Japan now.

There are too a lot of Asians, especially the player of South Korea in the LPGA tour now.

I hear that the activity of the player of the United States decreases, and the audience rating in the United States has fallen for that.

In the rumor, it is said that this was done to make the player in the United States participate.

It is regrettable if depriving of the right to play golf only by the reason that English cannot be spoken.

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