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Apple’s App Store: The New Walled Garden

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Apple’s App Store: The New Walled Garden(July 23, 2008 TechCrunch)

One reason startups and developers are so excited about the iPhone is because they can create richer mobile applications for it and it promises to become a more open platform than the carrier-controlled home decks on most other cell phones. But don’t be so sure that they are not trading one walled garden for another. The home deck is being replaced by the iPhone App Store on iTunes. And Apple controls which apps get virtual shelf space in that store, and which ones get featured. There are only 700 or so apps in the App Store, but there are thousands that want to get in.

Because startups and developers who offered applications had the wall of a mobile career up to now, the application was not able to be offered freely.

Then, because iPhone and Apple App Store had appeared this time, startups and developers expected the application to be able to be offered freely.

At present, it seems to be able to offer the application freely in App Store.

However, the number of application programs being still offered with App Store is less than the number of applications that want to be being offered.

In Apple App Store, it hopes to become the mobile web platform open without enclosing and crowding as much as possible to rule the mobile web platform, and to be activated more.


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