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GigaOm Buys A Mobile Blog – One Less Independent Blog In The World

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GigaOM 2.0

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GigaOm Buys A Mobile Blog – One Less Independent Blog In The World(July 22, 2008 TechCrunch)

Blogging network GigaOm will announce the acquisition of the small but excellent mobile-focused blog jkOnTheRun this evening.

GigaOM Acquires jkOnTheRun(July 22, 2008 GigaOM)

I think that there aren’t blogging network in Japan though many people have blog as long as I know.

It is often not the blog of excelling in a certain field but personal diary in Japan.

Therefore, I couldn’t understand this article so much because there was no blogging network in Japan.

I understand that the blogging network with the foresight purchased an excellent blog that was small.

I think that more many blogging networks that collected more interesting blogs might increase in the future.

However, I think that there are opinions that only small blog can write.

I want excellent blogs that were small to hold out so as not to be defeated a large-scale blog.


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