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The season of Soumen(the vermicelli)

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kurogomasoumen("the black vermicelli")

kurogomasoumen("the black vermicelli")

The season of Soumen(the vermicelli) is almost three months from June to August.

Soumen(the vermicelli) is delicious even if eating all the year round.

However, it is convinced that most Japanese eat the vermicelli in summer.

Therefore, it eats the vermicelli in most regions in Japan only at the time of

In winter, we who live in Nagasaki are eating “JiGoku Soumen”.

  • How to eat “JiGoku Soumen”
  1. The vermicelli is put in the boiling hot water.
  2. When the vermicelli boils up, it eats with the soy sauce as it is,without cooling
    it by water.

It is delicious, and try once, please.


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July 20, 2008 at 10:56 am

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