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Amazon To Target $5.5 Billion Textbook Market With New Kindle?

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Amazon To Target $5.5 Billion Textbook Market With New Kindle? (July 17, 2008 TechCrunch)

According to the article, the new Kindle models seems to be a large screen.

Why are new Kindle models made a large screen though various portable terminals have become small?

The reason why Amazon made Kindle a large screen is thought that it is because of making it to the size of the best screen for seeing the textbook with Kindle according to the article.

If it comes to be able to read the textbook with large Kindle, most students need not carry heavy books.

Amazon will be sure to advance to the education market with Kindle.

And, Kindle and iPhone might confront it in the education market.

By the way, have the textbook companies in Japan also been offering electronic versions of their textbooks?

I have not heard such a story so much.


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