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Finally released its new iPhone worldwide influx of orders

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Finally released its new iPhone worldwide influx of orders (2008/7/10, Reuters)


British carrier’s reservation site has 13,000 items per second are flooded with orders, are Hong Kong Book of accepting 500 million order for six year.

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IPhone is looking to the world.

This product has ever been?

Recently, the world is so much attention to the products have not seen anything.

Expectations are increasing.

By the way, the article said, investors in Japan, paying particular attention to the needs seem to be.

It is Japan’s mobile phone, and e-payments through one-segment (cell phone with your wallet) to prepare for the spread of mobile phones and other mobile devices for the consumer because of the high interest in it.

In Japan, the iPhone is acceptable for investors is whether that concern.

First, tomorrow 7 / 11 to buy iPhone it is noteworthy that the reaction.


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